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Geopolítica e Política

Lusa - Lusística - Mundial

The Little Imp Zelensky & the Old Demon Biden

22.02.23 | Duarte Pacheco Pereira

The Little Imp Zelensky & the Old Demon Biden.jpg

Roman Golovanov • Stalker Zone • February 21, 2023 | original 

This picture reflects all the madness of what is happening. The little imp Zelensky, who organised the persecution of Orthodoxy, the murder of priests and the deprivation of their citizenship. Who supported the schism of the Church. Who took away the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra from Christians and blessed the satanic sabbaths there. And the old, inveterate demon Biden, who, as in “The Screwtape Letters,” came to teach his little Wormwood.

And pay attention to the background against which Biden and Zelensky are walking. Very symbolic: this is the Baptism of Rus and the images of all Russian saints. Our holy metropolitans, the heavenly army of Angels and Archangels look at them as fallen. A ritual action. In Kiev, Epiphany takes place on the contrary. Biden came to pull Ukrainians out of the font of Orthodoxy. Do you remember how in the USA, at the Satanic temple, Americans solemnly renounced Christ and swore allegiance to Satan? Now something similar has happened.

Voland, the head of all sodomites, transgender people and perverts, is marching through Kiev. He marches not far from St. Michael’s Monastery, where the schismatics have settled. Zelensky simply does not have enough brains to understand what kind of mysticism is going on around. He doesn’t even realize what dark matter he got into. The boy from Krivoy Rog is passionate about himself. And the fact that blood is already flowing in the Dnieper instead of water, he does not care.

But my gaze is not at Biden and Zelensky. Not at the false siren sounds. Not at pretentious NATO soldiers. But at Russian saints. Who pray for our victory. They see what evil the Russian land has faced. They are fighting spiritually with us. They protect our men with their veil.

What about Biden? He walked around Kiev with Gogol’s Viy: “Raise my eyelids!” Who realised what had happened, turned grey to the last hair, like Khoma Brut. And Zelensky continues to fly in his coffin, like that same pannochka [witch – SZ]. And he himself does not understand how he gave his soul to the devil to be torn to pieces.