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Geopolítica e Política

Lusa - Lusística - Mundial

Let's Make War on China

05.12.20 | Duarte Pacheco Pereira

The East India Company iron steam ship 'Nemesis', commanded by Lieutenant W. H. Hall, with boats from the Sulphur, Calliope, Larne and Starling, destroying the Chinese war junks in Anson's Bay, on 7 January 1841.

British iron steamer Nemesis attacks Chinese ships during the second Battle of Chuanbi.
Painting by E. Duncan, dated May 30, 1843. ©National Maritime Museum


Send gunboats to China to shake up REPARATIONS for unleashing Covid-19 ‘weapon’ on the world, award-winning British journo says

The Levant | December 04, 2020 
RT News | December 04, 2020 at 11:36

Beijing should pay the world ‘reparations’ for the economic damage caused by Covid-19 and, if necessary, it can be forced militarily to do so, said conservative British political commentator Douglas Murray without a hint of irony.

Murray, an author best known for his critiques of Islam and woke culture, has outlined his case for making China pay for the pandemic in a Thursday piece in the Spectator, the influential weekly with strong ties to the Conservative Party. The rallying call was unleashed in response to news that the Chinese economy is expected to grow in 2020 despite the global slowdown caused by the coronavirus.

“I resent the prospect of China walking away from 2020 spinning headlines about the positive economic message its economic boom sends to the rest of the world,” Murray explained.

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This metric varies dramatically among Western nations. The US and the UK have some of the worst death tolls, which is measured in hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands respectively. Australia and New Zealand, who happen to be part of Five Eyes, came through relatively unscathed, having just over 900 and only 25 Covid-19 fatalities on their respective records.


The Levant original, with no comments, here.
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RT News’ best comment at this moment

They can send the Royal Navy if they want, which i think is currently about 10 active ships, give or take. Rebuilding those would be a job program post Covid.
I like the Tweet about the (old) Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan). It was said the most beautiful Palace in all of China before it was burned down by the Brits. Most Brits don't know, but the Chinese do.
Not that far from the ruins of that marvel is another small palace or temple which name i have forgotten, it has a plaque informing its visitors about it's history. Apparently when the Brits arrived there to burn that one down too, a Russian General and its men send them packing, hence the thing is still standing. Stuff like that isn't lost on the Chinese.
As an edit, stuff like that isn't lost on foreign visitors either. The French did some burning in that palace too. It had a wooden archway around the lake which was burnt down by the French. When i visited their, a had a very loud group of French infront of me which of course refused to speak anything but French going awfully quiet all of a sudden when they passed the commemorative plaque. (Edited)

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